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Quail - Small but Flavoursome:


It's a small bird, so one will serve one person as a starter, and you'll need two or more as a main course. It has a fairly high proportion of lean, meaty flesh to bone, and a delicate flavour. Our quails come boned and frozen and generally weight around 120 grams.

Quail can be roasted or grilled and works well on the BBQ as well - it is a delicate meat and cooking time is very important as overcooked it becomes tough.


Method - Roasting:

Thaw the bird out in the refrigerator and you can marinate the quail as well to add some flavour and stop the meat from drying out too much. Remove the quail from the refrigerator and let it come up to room temperature for 30 minutes - this also helps the meat from drying out also.

Sear all the sides of the quail in a pan on the stovetop first and then roast in the oven at 180C or 350F for 10 minutes - and baste the quail with the pan juices every 2 minutes of the cooking process. If you have stuffed your quail then the cookign time will be increased a little. The quail is done once the meat is firm to the touch and the juices run clear. Dont worry if the meat is slightly pink that is perfectly fine for game birds such as quail. Your quail is ready to eat.


Method - Grilling/BBQ:

Get your grill hot and lay your quail breast side up. Grill over high heat with the grill lid down for 5 minutes. As it cooks, paint the breast side with any sauce. Turn the quail over and paint the cooked side with sauce. Grill the breast side with the grill cover up for 2 minutes, then turn over again  and paint with the sauce one more time. Cover the grill and cook another 2 to 4 minutes. Take off the grill and paint with sauce one more time.